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Note: Shaves and Deluxe Beard Services require proof of full vaccination.  Please show your vaccine card to your barber when asked.  We thank you for your cooperation! 


Haircut  - $40  

Youngsters Haircut-$35

* 8th Grade or Below Qualifies for Youngster haircut.


Senior Haircut  - $30  

*Seniors 65 and over

Buzz cut  - $25 

A one length clipper haircut finished with a neck shave.

Hot towel Shave-$60

Sculpting of the beard with a clipper line up.

Deluxe Beard Treatment - $45 

Sculpting of the beard finished with a razor line up and hot oil treatment

Beard Trim - $25

Sculpting of the beard with a clipper line up.

long cut - $70

Head shave - $50


Combination Services

Haircut & Hot Towel Shave-$95


Haircut & Deluxe Beard Tx-$80


Haircut & Beard Trim-$60

Buzz cut & Beard trim-$45

Buzz cut & Deluxe beard trim-$65

Haircut/beard trim/shampoo-$65

haircut/deluxe beard trim/shampoo-$85

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