Hello All! As many of you have figured out by now I am not cutting at  Slabtown Barbershop, I moved to Seattle Wa. I am still apart of the Slabtown family, there was no split, my move was motivated by the birth of my daughter. Slabtown will be here to provide quality haircuts, laughs and red vines.


Marty C the Barber

Instagram @mcfly31796

Marty is a 3rd generation barber from Benicia where his uncle still owns and operates a shop. Marty has dedicated most of his career to becoming a shave specialist, it has been said that he gives the most comfortable shave in town.  


Michelle Thrasher

instagram @shizzle.the.barber

Michelle is a 5th year barber with a history of cutting hair in NW Portland.  Her work is stellar, from short, clean fades to longer precision medium length cuts, she can do it all!  He love of 90's R&B and Slow Jams bring a different musical angle to the shop since she started!  


Jamie Grimes
instagram @grimes_the_barbress

Jamie has been licensed since 2015. She enjoys helping people find a new style or maintain their current look, whether you’re look is professional or “tastefully scummy.” Before 2020 you could find Jamie at live music events and local shows. Now she stays home tending to her houseplants and listening to podcasts. 


Ron Hinson

Ron has been cutting hair for 17 years, he owned and operated a barbershop in Virginia called "The Old Town Man Cave". He recently moved to Oregon to sling haircuts.  He is experienced in all hair types. Come get a cut from Ron and listen to him tell you some amazing stories from his times in the Navy...they are some of the best stories ever told in our shop!! 


Lastacia Sharpe

Lastacia is a top notch barber and skilled in all types of hair textures, styles and cuts.  She is a great shave barber and performs an excellent hot towel shave.  Known in the shop as a master conversationalist, you will really enjoy your time in her chair.  


Her book fills fast as she brings many of her own clients from her former shop, so book your appointment with her in advance.